Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Video: Rendering OpenCV captured images in the Rift

In this video, Brad gives a walkthrough of an application that pulls images from a live Rift-mounted webcam and renders them to the display.

Links for this video:


  1. Hi Will you please tell me how you prepare setup for this demo "Oculus Rift In Action"

    I have already cloned all git repository and created a build for that using cmake ..

    but its still have a problems with build solutions

    if you provide steps to run this examples that will be very helpful for me

    I am using VS 2012 as platform
    looking forward to kind help from you

    Thank you

    1. The minimum version of Visual Studio we support is "MSVC 12 2013". I don't believe that the solution will compile on the 2012 version because of C++11 incompatibilities. The README guide on the Github repository should provide all the steps required, although to build the video examples you will need to install OpenCV separately.


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