Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Working with the Rift is changing how I dream

The first video game influenced dream I remember having was back in the late eighties. I was obsessed with Tetris and had very vivid dreams of Tetris blocks falling on me. So, it isn’t surprising to me that playing video games can change the way you dream. That said, the specific effect that working with the Rift has had on my dreams did surprise me.

When using the Rift, you are sitting in place and the the world moves around or past you instead of like real-life where you move though the world. I find now in my dreams, no matter what I am dreaming about, there are now two kinds of movement - movement where I dream I am moving through a world and movement where I am still and the world moves around or past me. Perhaps, this kind of dreaming is an attempt by my brain to make Rift movement feel more natural to me? Anyone else dreaming like this?