Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Unity 4: Knowing which user profile is in use

Previous versions of the Unity Integration package did not include a call for getting the user profile name. As of 0.4.3, it is now possible get the the user profile name. To know which profile is being used, you can use GetString()found in the OVRManager.cs script.

public string GetString(string propertyName, string defaultVal = null)

Below is a simple example script (report.cs) that uses this method to print out the name of the current user profile to the console. To use this script,  attach it to an empty game object in a scene that is using the OVRCameraRig or OVRPlayerController prefab. With the Rift connected and powered on, run the scene in the Unity Editor. If default is returned, no user profile has been found.

using UnityEngine;
using System.Collections;
using Ovr;

public class report : MonoBehaviour {
    void Start () {
     Debug.Log (OVRManager.capiHmd.GetString(Hmd.OVR_KEY_USER, "")) 

The GetString()method found in the OVRManager.cs script method is used to get the profile values for the current HMD. The OVRManager.cs script gets a reference to the current HMD, capiHmd. The Hmd class, defined in OvrCapi.cs, provides a number of constants that you can use to get user profile information for the current HMD. In this example, I used OVR_KEY_USER to get the profile name. You could also get the user’s height (OVR_KEY_PLAYER_HEIGHT), IPD (OVR_KEY_IPD) or gender (OVR_KEY_GENDER), for example.

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